Yet, Lagos state is generally credited with the best ‘response’ to Covid-19 containment thus far

We must all Survive Covid-19 Covid-19 has made a bad situation worse.  We have all had enough of poverty, inequality and corruption – now is the time for action!   We support organised labour's declaration of an impending day of action. Ordinary people look up to labour, the NLC and TUC. The one day of action should be followed by a general strike to force the government to implement the following basic demands of ordinary people: 

1. Implement N30,000 minimum wage in all states!

2. No job or wage cuts by governments or the private sector!

3. Guarantee the security of life!

4.  Provision of relief for the poor & informal sector!

5. No hike in electricity tariffs, VAT or fuel prices!

6. Provision of PPE & payment of hazard allowances for medical workers!

7.  Safe and conducive environment in schools and universities!

8.      Upgrade facilities in public hospitals and prohibit medical tourism by top public officials!

9. Frontal fight against corruption!

10.   Implement all previous agreements with trade unions!

The government has plenty of money to loot, so it has plenty of money to pay full salaries, the N30,000 minimum wage and consequential adjustments.  Fifty per cent of the Federal and state security votes should be used as a health emergency response. There should be no job or wage cuts; the governments should protect jobs and salaries as happens in many other countries. Prices go up every year so we need increases in the minimum wage to match these and implementation of all promotions and increments.

Most workers are in the informal sector. The Government should extend stimulus packages and pay emergency cash grants directly to the informal sector to revive the economy from the bottom up.  Open empty properties so everyone can properly observe social distancing at home. Now is not the time to increase prices further, the government should ban and reverse planned increases in electricity, VAT or fuel prices.  We have stopped VAT and fuel price increases in the past, so we can do it again.

We and our children all need access to safe hospitals, schools and universities.  During Covid-19 all fees and charges, at least for primary care, should be abolished.  Schools can only be made safe to open with massive investments. The government has to take firm action against all forms of corruption.  No to police raid blocks (called road blocks), harassment and extortions!  Implement all previous agreements with the trade unions, especially in the health and education sectors. Unity is strength!    Together with NLC, TUC & ASCAB!   No retreat, No surrender!