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China has been in the news in the last few weeks, especially on the issue of loan debate. In this interview, Human Rights Lawyer and Activist, Chief Femi Falana, spoke to Journalists on myths, misinformation, and controversies around China, and the need for Nigeria and the Chinese governments to work more on technology transfer for a win-win situation. GBENGA AKINFENWA was there. Excerpts.

Professor Toye Olorode

Professor Omotoye Olorode is a foremost activist of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). He is a prolific author, an accomplished academic and a profound intellectual. In this interview by SUNDAY ADEPOJU, he speaks on Nigeria’s journey since independence in 1960.

By Omotoye Olorode

COVID-19 has been touted in certain quarters as “the pandemic that changed the entire World.” That world, the way it had been predominantly in the last three decades or so, had been capitalist and neoliberal with one of the notorious ideologues of the era proclaiming “the end of history!”

The Corona virus is turning the world upside down. The response from the corrupt elite is for a lockdown until the virus goes away. But government has no plan to develop and distribute vaccines or contact a country like Cuba for help. Yet we do not know when the crisis would end.  Who can survive at staying home without a means of livelihood and access to water, food and drugs, indefinitely?


The priorities for the poor majority remain the same – how to obtain food, water and housing for their families and friends.  We also need electricity and data to stay in touch with our friends, families and colleagues.  We need mass testing and tracing of contacts to contain the virus and free healthcare for all with protective equipment for all health workers.